Admin Building

All the documentation and administrative work is handled at the on-site office complex. With complete security coverage and staff that has been with Virgo since its inception, we assure that the documents are in the right hands.


Virgo has an in-house 60 metric ton weighbridge from one of the leading weighbridge manufacturers in the world because accuracy is our ultimate motto. The transporter need not go to any place outside Virgo for weighing purposes. Our aim is to minimize the effort and time for better savings.


Securing your cargo and goods is as important as storing them. We have sufficient security personnel that are well trained to keep an eagle’s eye on the cargo and ensure total security. Safety first has always been a priority at Virgo Logipark.

RCC Warehouse

We own and operate a state of the art warehouse to meet the storage requirements of our import and export clients. The structure has the ability to withstand high winds and rains while the optimal design provides sufficient ventilation, natural lighting and space for the convenient movement of cargo.

Efficient machinery

Our specialized equipment such as the kalmar and forklifts are used for the movement of heavy and light cargo respectively. These machines are well maintained and timely serviced to withstand any work load. With our modern machinery we ensure proper management of your goods.

Generator Backup

Power plays an important role when it comes to logistics, a stable power backup helps maintain swift cargo movement operations. Despite being in a remote area of Uran Taluka, Virgo has overcome power issues. The heavy duty Generator at Virgo nullifies the effects of power cuts.


Adequate provisions for lighting inside and outside the warehouse have been made. Double shift operations can be carried out during night. Additionally security measures have been enhanced due to the sufficient lighting.

Paved Area

Both our facilities are laid with superior quality concrete paver blocks whereby additional loads are a worry of the past. The blocks are a result of our in-house manufacturing process which were undertaken to ensure better durability than the existing options offered in the market.